Sunday’s RR

Table Tennis and Badminton players – We are open Sunday 12noon – 6pm

Sunday Closed Dates:

  • 11/19/23 – Closed for Prof. Jo Kidd Memorial Tournament
  • 11/26/23 – Closed, Thanksgiving weekend
  • 12/03/23 – Closed, Athletics hosting a fundraiser
  • 12/24/23 – Closed, Christmas weekend 
  • 12/31/23 – Closed, New Year weekend

if you have any questions, please email us at

Open Table Tennis 12 – 6pm every Sunday, RR Tournament starts at 3pm.

Date First Place Second Place Third Third
11/5/2023 Kai  Zarehbin Alex Wu Adam Bobrow Peter Cao
10/29/2023 David Stoppelman Fredrick Pesson Adoni Maropis Alex Figueroa
10/22/2023 Mike Tadiaman Adoni Maropis Daniel Zykov Robert Hershey
10/15/2023 David Stoppelman Fredrick Pesson Boris Livshin Luigi GUSLANDI
10/8/2023 David Chow Vahid Mosaferi Alex Figueroa Robert  
10/1/2023 Frank Wang Alfred Graham Haijun Huang Brian Min
9/17/2023 Fredrick Pesson Peter Cao Daniel Zykov Luigi GUSLANDI
9/10/2023 Authur Lopez Adoni Maropis Fredrick Pesson Kamran Khairzad
8/13/2023 Alex Figueroa Luigi GUSLANDI Gil Alchuli Thomas Koh
8/6/2023 Alex Figueroa Authur Lopez David Stoppelman Jorge Puchulutegui
7/30/2023 Thomas Koh Peter Cao Fredrick Pesson Adoni Maropis
7/23/2023 Authur Lopez Adoni Maropis Boris Livshin Peter Cao
7/9/2023 Thomas Koh Steven Hamilton Chris Lewan Brian Min
6/25/2023 Brian Min Alex Figueroa Chris Lewan David Stoppelman
6/18/2023 Alex Figueroa Robert Hershey Gil Alchuli Luigi GUSLANDI
6/11/2023 Alex Figueroa Albert Lan Steven Hamilton Fredrick Pesson
6/4/2023 Alex Figueroa David Stoppelman Thomas Koh Lipton Ellner
5/14/2023 Steven Hamilton Alex Figueroa Robert Hershey Adoni Maropis
5/7/2023 Steven Hamilton Alex Figueroa Robert Hershey Boris Livshin
4/30/2023 Steven Hamilton Alex Figueroa Adoni Maropis Luigi GUSLANDI
4/23/2023 Adoni Maropis Robert Hershey Lipton Ellner Brian Min
4/16/2023 Adoni Maropis Robert Hershey Chris Lewan Alex Figueroa
4/2/2023 Adoni Maropis Fredrick Pesson Chris Lewan David Stoppelman
3/26/2023 Adoni Maropis Fredrick Pesson Robert Hershey Amar Potturi
3/19/2023 Alex Figueroa Chris Lewan Adoni Maropis David Stoppelman
3/12/2023 Alex Figueroa Adoni Maropis Albert Alexandrov Robert Hershey
2/26/2023 Alex Figueroa Fredrick Pesson Adoni Maropis Luigi GUSLANDI
2/19/2023 Robert Hershey Adoni Maropis Steven Hamilton Luigi GUSLANDI
2/12/2023 Alex Figueroa Adoni Maropis Kamran Khairzad David Stoppelman
2/5/2023 Thomas Koh Robert Hershey Adoni Maropis David Stoppelman
1/29/2023 Adoni Maropis Fredrick Pesson Alex Lomaka David Stoppelman
1/22/2023 Alex Figueroa Hongbo Han Adoni Maropis David Chow
1/8/2023 Hongbo Han Alexander Kuzmenko Boris Livshin Alex Figueroa